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  • Duck Liver Terrine with Date

  • Camembert, Date & seeded crackers

  • Salty Feta Cheese & Date with toasted flatbreads

  • Semi hard sheep’s cheese and Date

  • Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Date & spiced cous cous

  • British Brie, Date Membrillo & Water Biscuits

  • Balloutine of Foie Gras with Date Conserve

  • Walnut bread, Manchego and Date

  • Date & Baked Cheese Pastry

IMG_0713 (1).jpg
Tea with Dates
  • Smoked Duck Breast, sharp apple and Date Conserve

  • Arabian Cheeseboard, Date Conserve & Pita

  • Blue veined Brie, sourdough biscuit & Date

  • Game Terrine & Date Conserve

  • Yorkshire Cheeseboard with Date Membrillo

  • Pan fried breast of Grouse, spiced with cumin and served with sweet Date

  • Pan fried Pancetta, Feta and Date

  • Local Chefs choice cheeses, 

  • Devils on horseback with Date conserve

  • Apple and Date Tart Tatin

  • A grand cheeseboard with Date conserve

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